VicVentures Collective Ethos Concept Practice


We are an entrepreneurial collective that
combines planetary philosophy with a daring
and experimental attitude to realise ventures
that promote integrity, meaning, justice and
an integral, sustainable way of being and
living together on our beautiful planet.


our ventures are founded on the basis
of value creation over value capture,
participation over passive consumption,
deep design over shallowness, holism over
reductionism, change over standstill,
activity over lethargy, sustainability
over mindlessness.


We act with open hearts, open minds, and
clear intentions. Experimentation and learning
is our process, the vast universe of human
experience and existence our playground. Our
ventures are as diverse as life itself, from
the charmingly tiny to the cosmically huge.

Living Examples

Habib Lesevic
Benedikt Foit
Vijak Haddadi
Simon Sciurus